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    What is the 俄勒冈承诺补助金?

    俄勒冈承诺补助金 is now more accessible than ever for current 和 potential students of Mt. 胡德社区学院! 俄勒冈州的承诺 is a state-funded grant that helps recent high school graduates 和 GED recipients pay for community college tuition. 学生 must meet 所有 eligibility criteria 和 complete an application process. See additional details below.


    你一定要见 所有 of the application 和 eligibility criteria.


    1. 提交 俄勒冈承诺补助金 Application适当的期限.

    2. 提交 FAFSA或ORSAA 和 list at least one Oregon community college. You must complete this 由你的 application deadline.


    • Be a recent Oregon high school graduate or GED® test graduate
    • Attend an Oregon community college 由你的 要求的开始期限, based on your graduation date.
    • 有一个2.0 cumulative high school GPA or higher, or a 145 grade on 所有 GED® tests.
    • Be an Oregon resident for at least 12 months prior to college attendance. For dependent students, your parent(s) must also live in Oregon.
    • 一定不能有多 90个大学学分 已完成或尝试.
    • 学生 may be subject to eligibility requirements based on their Expected Family Contribution (成立分公司). 成立分公司 eligibility requirements are subject to change based on available funding.


    • 俄勒冈州的承诺 has rolling deadlines based on when the student graduates. Most students must apply for 俄勒冈州的承诺 during their senior year of high school (before you graduate) - or immediately after you complete the GED® test credential. 10月毕业. 1 - 11月. 30 may apply for either 冬天 or 春天 Term.
    • 截止申请日期: View the deadlines table below, or use this tool to determine your deadline.
    • 应用在这里
    我毕业于: I am graduating during this time: Deadline to complete both: 俄勒冈承诺应用程序 & FAFSA或ORSAA You must start college by this term:
    High School or Home School 3月1日- 6月30日 6月1日 秋天
    7月1日至11月30日 11月1日 冬天
    10月1日- 2月29日 2月1日 春天
    得程序 3月1日- 6月30日 7月10日 秋天
    7月1日至11月30日 12月10日 冬天
    10月1日- 2月29日 3月10日 春天


    • 访问 http://oregonstudentaid.gov/oregon-promise-recipients.aspx for detailed information for current recipients.
    • 学生 must verify their GPA or GED test score(s) as soon as they are able. This can be done by notifying the high school registrar, uploading a transcript as a PDF in the 俄勒冈州的承诺 application, or mailing a transcript directly to OSAC.
    • If your FAFSA is selected for verification, complete 所有 verification steps with the MHCC Office of 金融援助 prior to starting college. If this is not completed, you will not be awarded the 俄勒冈承诺补助金.
    • Register 和 maintain at least half-time (i.e. 6 or more credits) continuous enrollment during f所有, winter, 和 spring terms each year.
    • Accept 所有 state 和 federal grant aid offered through the community college financial aid office.
    • 在更新年份, students must submit their FAFSA或ORSAA each year by 6月1日, attend college 和 receive 俄勒冈州的承诺 each f所有 term, 或者他们的奖励 be revoked for 所有 future terms.

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